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Height 68mm
Width 420mm
Depth 210mm
Weight 1.4kg

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Infinitely inspiring, the RC-505 Loop Station has become an essential performance instrument for beatboxers, singers, and club performers around the world. Filled with new features requested by top users, the Version 2.0 update brings even more creative power to the flagship tabletop looper. Simultaneous effects can now be used in the Input FX and Track FX sections, and a number of new effects types are included. Many refinements to the loop functionality offer a multitude of ways to enhance and improve live performances. The control target functions have been greatly expanded as well, providing a wealth of external control options for musicians who loop with guitars, keyboards, and other instruments.

Five Stereo Tracks with Dedicated Controls

The RC-505 features five stereo phrase tracks that can play simultaneously, the most yet in a BOSS Loop Station. Independent record/overdub/play and stop buttons for each track let you capture and control loop performances with your fingertips, and dedicated volume faders allow you to mix loop levels on the fly. Each track can have its own playback mode (multi, single, one-shot, reverse, etc.) and tempo sync settings, providing an unlimited range of creative looping behaviors.

Phrase Memories and Rhythms

99 phrase memories provide onboard storage for phrase track data, various playback and effects settings, and more. A combination of frequently used settings can be saved as a User Set, which you can easily load to quickly reconfigure any phrase memory, even in the heat of performing. 85 different onboard rhythms offer backing for loop recording, with a large selection of odd-measure beats for advanced looping. The rhythm part can be routed to the rear-panel Phones jack only, giving you a dedicated click track for monitoring purposes. With the Version 2.0 update, it’s possible to route individual phrase tracks to the headphones as well.

Customized Looping Control

The RC-505 lets you set up customized real-time controls, extending your command of looping and many other operations. With the Version 2.0 update, you can specify up to 16 different functions and access them in a variety of ways—with front-panel controls, an external expression pedal or footswitches, and/or various MIDI CC messages. Many newly added target functions are tailor-made for foot control, perfect for looping musicians who have their hands occupied with a guitar, keyboard, and other instrument. The 16 control assignments are stored with phrase memories, allowing you to create and recall custom setups for different songs and performing situations.

Powerful FX Onboard

With the RC-505’s large selection of built-in effects, it’s easy to enhance your sounds as you perform. Input FX allow you to process the sound during loop recording, while Track FX provide further processing options for phrase playback. Six dedicated on/off buttons—three each for Input FX and Track FX—can be loaded with your favorite effects, while grab-and-go knobs let you tweak parameters such as filter cutoff and effect depth in real time. With the Version 2.0 update, the assigned effects can now be used simultaneously, and newly added effects types offer even more processing options to choose from. Global compressor and reverb effects are also on hand, perfect for adding some finishing polish to the overall sound.

Audio Inputs and USB

The RC-505 is outfitted with a number of simultaneous inputs, allowing you to capture and mix a variety of different audio sources as you build loops. There’s an XLR microphone jack with phantom power, mono/stereo ¼-inch inputs for guitars, synths, or other instruments, and a mini-jack for connecting a smartphone or other stereo device. Via USB, you can plug into your computer and import/export WAV audio phrases, great for loop archiving or loading up phrases with live backing tracks or sounds for sampler-style triggering. The RC-505 also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface, making it easy integrate with music software for stage performing with a laptop, audio recording, MIDI sync, and more.

Specifications :

Nominal Input Level:           INPUT MIC (variable): -40 dBu (typ.), -10 dBu (max)
                                         INPUT INST (variable): -10 dBu (typ.), +4 dBu (max)
                                         INPUT AUX: -20 dBu

Input Impedance:               INPUT MIC: 4 k ohms
                                         INPUT INST: 200 k ohms
                                         INPUT AUX: 22 k ohms

Nominal Output Level:          LINE OUT: -10 dBu

Output Impedance:              LINE OUT: 2 k ohms

Recommended Load Impedance:     LINE OUT: 10 k ohms or greater

Recording/Playback:            Maximum Recording Time: Approx. 3 hours (stereo)
                                         Maximum Phrase Memory: 99
                                         Number of Tracks: 5
                                         Data Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear, stereo)

Effect Type (INPUT FX/TRACK FX):       FILTER
                                                        GUITAR TO BASS
                                                        VOCAL DIST
                                                       TAPE ECHO
                                                       GRANULAR DELAY
                                                       BEAT REPEAT *1
                                                       BEAT SHIFT *1
                                                       BEAT SCATTER *1
                                                       VINYL FLICK *1

                                                      *1 TRACK FX only

Effect Type (MASTER FX):                 COMP

Rhythm Type:                                  85

Display:                                           16 characters, 2 lines (backlit LCD)

USB:                                               Mass Storage Class


                         INPUT MIC jack: XLR type (balanced, phantom power: DC 48 V, 10 mA Max)
                         INPUT INST (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
                         INPUT AUX jack: Stereo miniature phone type
                         PHONES jack: 1/4-inch Stereo phone type
                         LINE OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch Stereo phone type
                         CTL 1, 2/EXP jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type
                         USB port: USB Type B
                         MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors
                         DC IN jack

Power Supply:            AC adaptor

Current Draw:            420 mA

Accessories:              AC adaptor
                                Owner's manual


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Boss RC-505

Boss RC-505